Low Voltage Cable Wiring in Richmond Hill


GTA TV Wall Mounting provides low voltage cable wiring in Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, and surrounding areas.

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Expert Low Voltage Cable Wiring

GTA TV Wall Mounting helps customers with modern technology by updating their communication system with low voltage cable wiring. This service will enable homeowners to efficiently adapt and use the various digital gadgets in their surroundings.

Our residential and commercial wiring services include the installation of additional jacks for internet connection and also the relocation of your internet modem/router.


Low voltage cable wiring for home and offices

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Benefits of Low Voltage Cabling

Low voltage cabling is one of the most reliable methods for home networking. At GTA TV Wall Mounting, we provide expert low voltage wiring solutions.

In fact, low voltage cabling can enhance the performance, functionality and overall performance of your system. It can improve computer-to-computer connectivity and also increase internet speed as much as possible. Additionally, it is a great way to make savings on your electric bills.

Proper low voltage wiring has multiple benefits



You may not think you’ll ever need an updated communication system, but with the increasing digitizing of our society, you will. Within a few years, digital TVs will be the only show in town, and your old phone and cable wires just won’t be up to the task. 

We also provide commercial and residential wiring services:

  •  Data(Cat6E only), TV(coaxial), HDMI, speaker wires
  • Installation,repair,relocation
  • Additional jacks for internet,TV
  • Relocation of your internet modem/router
  • Office/Commercial networking (data line drops, rack and patch panel installation, wire management,)
  • Rough-ins, Pre-wiring and Wiring for Security Camera Systems (IP)
  • Termination and plates installation for any wire type 


Please note there is no certified electricians in the company (we are not allowed to run/install electric 110V cable)

Low voltage cable wiring


  • 80$-Service call (repair, upgrade, troubleshooting, etc.) 
  • 120$ -Per line (Cat6e, RG-60)
  • 10$-Termination of one end of cable (include wall plate if needed)
  • For commercial data wiring prices may variable on quantities

We Can Perfectly Hang:

  • Mirrors
  • Pictures
  • Curtain rods
  • Tower rails
  • Art
  • Shelves

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