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Crystal Clear Antenna Mounting

Expert HDTV Antenna Installation

GTA TV Wall Mounting installs HDTV antenna for you to capture some of the best local television networks in HD. Our professional can handle both  indoor and outdoor ( Inside & Outside) antenna installation as per your needs and requirements. Even if you’re experiencing reception problems and need an upgrade, we are the answer. Our expert specializes in aerial antenna installation. Give us a call!

Fast and Reliable Antenna Installation

GTA TV Wall Mounting provides fast and reliable antenna installation for a crystal clear reception of your channels. Our professional technician will fit the correct antenna for the type of TV reception available in the Greater Toronto Area. Denis will install the antenna in the most suitable position, outdoor or indoor, so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows without any reception problems.

HD TV Antennas

OTA otherwise known as Over the Air is a service that provides you with free tv once it’s been connected to a HD antenna. It allows you to get some of the best local television networks in HD. The quality broadcasted is widely recognized to surpass even your cable or satellite provider’s quality. Get better reception and better quality in uncompressed HD. Best of all – no monthly bills!
Some of the channels that you receive in the GTA area will be : Universal, NBC Justice, CTV-Two,
CBS, CBC, Global, ABC, Escape, CTV, Fox, Ch-Ch Hamilton, etc.

Please note that channels like:
City Pulse 24, CNN, BBC, HBO, TMN, TSN, History, Discovery are not free over-the-air broadcast channels. They are “premium” channels available only through cable TV providers and only as a part of TV package.




Data wiring for commercial place

Structured Low Voltage Cabling

Commercial Project was done for Direct Response Media Group In Oakville.

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Samsung Frame TV with No Gap Wall Mount Installation

Samsung Frame TV

Whether it's your condo or commercial place we can install any TV type on any kind of wall.

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Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation

Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation