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TV Mounting Service in GTA

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When it comes to enjoying your TV entertainment… Mounting Matters

Settling in to watch a favorite TV show, sporting event or movie with the ones you love is a cherished ritual for many people. How about you? Screen positioning .. height .. angles .. lighting considerations .. sound flow .. glare reduction — all harmonized to create the perfect ambiance for an in-home theater-like viewing experience your family
and friends will love.

Precision TV Mounting Service

You don’t want your TV wobbling on a stand or just randomly slapped up on a wall. Your professional GTA TV installers take the time to analyze your space and consult with you to find the perfect mounts and position for you to enjoy maximum viewing pleasure.






Popular Mounting Solutions

Full Motion Mount

Designed for most 37” to 70” Flat or Curved Panel TV’s

Sturdy high gauge steel won’t bend, sag, or wobble

24” Extension Arm allows a wide range of rotational options

Easily supports up to 60kg/132lbs

180 degree swivel parameters optimize your viewing angles

This mount allows you to have your flat panel TV tilted for glare control or optimum viewing angle. Easily pull it away from the wall and angle it toward your preferred viewing area. This single arm full motion wall mount holds the exact same weight as double arm system while giving you more room to swivel your TV side to side.

$200 installed or $80 to purchase

Basic Tilting Mount

Designed for most 37” to 70” Flat or Curved Panel TV’s

Sturdy high gauge steel won’t bend, sag, or wobble

Easily supports up to 75kg/165lbs

 A generous 10 degree tilt range satisfies almost every need

The coolest thing about this bracket is that the length allows you to reach 3 studs making your installation very safe.

$160 installed or $50 to purchase

If you have the wall mount already then the installation is $120 

Smart and Sleek Shelving Solutions

Your TV doesn’t live in a cocoon. It has friends. Like DVD/Blue Ray players, cable boxes, gaming consoles, soundbars or surround speakers. These components need a convenient and attractive place to hang out. Media shelving comes in many shapes and sizes… We work with them all and will help you select a stunning compliment to your environment.

Single shelf – $100 installed   |  Double shelf – $120 installed   |  Triple shelf – $140 installed

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We offer IP boxes too!

RED360 set-top box is the high-definition OTT set-top box with high cost performance that supports live broadcast TV, video on demand, local and online music, and Internet radio.

Because of its unique technology, the user enjoys clear picture quality, fast channel switch, user-friendly operations, high-performance and low-cost.

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Service and customer satisfaction is our daily goal

And it shows up in the hundreds of ratings given by our wonderful customers

Kicking back to relax and watch TV should be a pleasant peaceful time. If your TV is crooked or unsightly wires are dangling about — you’ll be distracted from the full entertainment experience. We won’t let that happen. Seasoned professionals who care about your viewing time, use high-quality materials, and deliver courteous service at affordable prices will make a world of difference in your viewing enjoyment. You paid good money for your television and expect years of quality performance. So why not let GTA TV Wall Mounting set it up perfectly for you.

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Data wiring for commercial place

Commercial Project was done for Direct Response Media Group In Oakville.

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Samsung Frame TV with No Gap Wall Mount Installation

Whether it's your condo or commercial place we can install any TV type on any kind of wall.

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Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation

Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation

Get 20$ off on your tv installation + wire concealment + single/double/triple shelves

Single shelf price: before – $100 -> as a combo => $80

Double shelf price: before – $120 -> as a combo => $100

Triple shelf price: before – $140 -> as a combo => $120

Get 10$ Off on your tv installation + wire concealment combo!

Scenario 1: If you have already your own wall mount. The installation itself costs $120 and the wire concealment 60$. Get it done as a combo for 170$!

Scenario 2: We can provide our basic wall mount for $160 installed and wires concealed for $60. Get it done as a combo for $210!

Scenario 3: We can provide our full motion wall mount for $200 installed and wires concealed for $60. Get it done as a combo for 250$!