affordable, perfect tv installations

GTA TV Wall Mounting charges about 50% LESS than places like Best Buy. We’re one of the most affordable and sought after high-quality TV installers in all of GTA.

Your Guaranteed Peace of Mind is our Warranty

If something goes wrong with one of our installations - and that’s very rare - we’ll return promptly to make things right. We don’t just say it, we back it up with a full one year material and workmanship warranty .

Liability Insurance to $2,000,000

Let’s just say we slip up and drop your TV in the fish aquarium. That would be a first. But accidents can happen and if they do you are protected by a two million dollar liability insurance policy.



TV Installation Services

You don’t want your TV wobbling on a stand or just randomly slapped up on a wall. Your professional GTA TV installers take the time to analyze your space and consult with you to find the perfect mounts and position for you to enjoy maximum viewing pleasure.

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Invisible Wire Concealment

And all those wires? Don’t worry, we’re experts in nearly-invisible wire concealment so you’ll never be distracted or embarrassed by unsightly dangling or twisted cords.

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Structured Low Voltage Cabling

Digital gadgets and wall mounted televisions gobble up lots of energy. With an upgrade to high performance low voltage cabling – in which we are certified experts – you’ll save on energy and keep your good karma intact.

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Hang Out In Style

Saving space and being stylish go hand-in-hand. We’re not just the most popular independent TV wall mount installation experts in GTA – we are your custom “Hang-Out Artist’s” too! Show us your challenge!

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Crystal Clear Antenna Mounting

Throughout GTA many rooftop antennas just aren’t providing sharp consistent reliable reception. Our capable technicians will fine tune your antenna signals to perfection. Why bang the side of your TV? – it’s not her fault.

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Data wiring for commercial place

Commercial Project was done for Direct Response Media Group In Oakville.

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Samsung Frame TV with No Gap Wall Mount Installation

Whether it's your condo or commercial place we can install any TV type on any kind of wall.

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Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation

Get 10$ off for every additional TV installation

Get 20$ off on your tv installation + wire concealment + single/double/triple shelves

Single shelf price: before – $100 -> as a combo => $80

Double shelf price: before – $120 -> as a combo => $100

Triple shelf price: before – $140 -> as a combo => $120

Get 10$ Off on your tv installation + wire concealment combo!

Scenario 1: If you have already your own wall mount. The installation itself costs $120 and the wire concealment 60$. Get it done as a combo for 170$!

Scenario 2: We can provide our basic wall mount for $160 installed and wires concealed for $60. Get it done as a combo for $210!

Scenario 3: We can provide our full motion wall mount for $200 installed and wires concealed for $60. Get it done as a combo for 250$!



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    Sam Fard
    Sam Fard
    I'm very happy I called Dennis. He goes above and beyond. Even though it's Saturday, he was kind enough to come within a couple of hours of me calling. He truly cares to make sure you're happy before he leaves. He delivered us a very clean/professional tv wall mount job and wire concealment. His price was reasonable and the installation was very quick. He had all the tools needed and was very knowledgeable. He'll be back in a couple of days for another tv of mine. Thanks, Denis!read more
    Cat Vindedzis
    Cat Vindedzis
    We just had our new tv mounted by Denis and he did an amazing job, would definitely recommend to others :)
    Darrell Villa
    Darrell Villa
    Denis from GTA TV wall mounting installed my 7 TVs in my apartment (for my Airbnb's guests) He did a really great job! Really professional! As soon as I showed him where I want TV to be installed. When I was about to do vacuuming, not even a minute, he finished his job. I could not believe it! He really love his job. He can do his job with blind fold! Awesome job! I definitely will refer to my friends if someone need their TV to be installed! HIGHLY recommended!read more
    Kareem Boulos
    Kareem Boulos
    Amazing service. Beautiful installation. Made my room look so much bigger!! Highly recommended. This is my 4th time using Dennis. GTA TV wall mounting is on the top of my choice for this more
    Diluka Suhash Fernando
    Diluka Suhash Fernando
    Excellent work done by Denis at GTA TV Wall Mounting. Clean, professional, and friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone that needs to get work done by him. I got my tv and media shelf installed by him. He also fished the wires. It looks amazing. I will be coming back to him for all my future work. Thanks again, more
    Bernie Uche
    Bernie Uche
    Denis was very professional. It wasn't an easy job at all but he made the tv and sound bar wall mount perfect. Thanks more
    Ben Liang
    Ben Liang
    Denis was on time, very friendly, professional. Wore shoe protectors and used a vacuum. Walked me through the process so I was confident with everything. As you can see, looks perfect! Would highly recommend!read more