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SmartBoard Installation

A Smartboard is a show of how well and fast our technology is evolving. It is an interactive whiteboard that allows institutions to interact well with their students or colleagues. Its versatility and efficiency make it a good integration into any company/ offices/school.

Proper installation of a Smartboard is necessary to ensure that it works correctly and it doesn’t undergo any damage as it is an expensive and vital investment. At GTA Mounting Services, we offer the best Smartboard installation services in GTA to ensure you benefit from their use.

Why a Smartboard is a Good Idea for Your Institution (School or Workplace)

A smartboard creates a perfect way for people to interact at work or school. A smartboard has integrated software that allows teachers to teach their students by merely touching the board. This creates convenience and efficiency.

At work, a Smartboard can be integrated into the conference room or any other office.  It makes your presentations more precise and more comfortable to carry out.

The fact that a whiteboard can be used in combination with other equipment such as a projector and document camera makes its use versatile. It is an indispensable interactive technology to have.

GTA TV Wall Mounting Expert in Smartboard Installation

At GTA TV Wall Mounting Experts, we deliver excellent and secure Smartboard installations for a seamless experience. We are the best in GTA because:

  • We have been providing unique mounting solutions for all household and commercial equipment, including projectors, TVs, video walls, and Smartboards, among others for years. This has enabled us to gain experience and superior skills. We have many happy clients to back that up.
  • A $2M liability insurance protects you. This ensures that if damage occurs, which has never happened with our experts, you will be compensated.
  • In the whole of GTA, our prices are the best. We offer lower rates and combo services at even better prices without compromising the quality of our work.
  • We always provide free recommendation to our clients during the installation process to ensure they benefit fully. We also listen to our clients to provide them with the smartboard installation design that they require.

Our Typical Smartboard Installation Process

  • After you schedule your installation, we can call for details or visit the site to get a better grip on the project.
  • We arrive on-site on the set installation date and time with all the necessary equipment
  • We mount the Smartboard and other equipment at the required location while consulting with you to ensure a reliable installation.
  • We neatly arrange or conceal the cables for a neat look
  • Configuration of the projector/camera document and Smartboard to ensure proper imaging.
  • Clean up and disposal of all waste.
  • Now enjoy the benefits of a Smartboard with one-year workmanship and mounting material warranty.

At GTA Mounting Experts, we deliver the best Smartboard mounting services in Toronto. If you’re looking for to mount projectors, TVs, video wall, Smartboards, or any other home theatre or office equipment, contact us at (647)-839-5215 or schedule an appointment.




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